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About Us




In 1794, Johann Friedrich Deinhard completed his business apprenticeship and founded a small wine shop in the ancient city of Koblenz. Located in central Germany, Koblenz was then and still being the gateway to the terraced vineyards and ruined castles, it was a hub for transport being situated at the merger of the Rhein and Mosel rivers. The first wines Johann sold, were Riesling from his parent’s vineyards in the Mosel Valley.

Riesling Roots

Reisling Roots


Riesling is a light skinned, green to yellow colored grape, with brown dots when ripe. Germany is the motherland of the aromatic Riesling grape – dating back to 1435, its origins can be traced back here. According to top wine critics Riesling is the world‘s finest white wine grape variety – the King of Grapes. Around Koblenz, at the confluence of two of Europe’s great wine rivers, the Rhein and Mosel, the wines find optimal conditions for this noble grape. With its strong character, absolute clarity and uncomplicated freshness, Riesling has conquered its place as a top wine worldwide. And for us: Riesling is King! Since the beginning, Deinhard has stood for good taste, outstanding quality and innovative ideas. Deinhard is refining the best German wines from these top-class grapes, with passion and experience to wines of the extraordinary class. From the moment, a glass of Deinhard Riesling is poured, one thing is certain - it is a top wine “Made in Germany“.

A lions tale

A Lions Tale


The Lion symbol and icon has always been closely linked to the history of the Deinhard family. In 1772, Johann Friedrich Deinhard was born in the inn “Zum Löwen” (The Lion), which was owned by his father. In 1876, The Lion became a protected trademark, and has been present in some form on the Deinhard labels ever since. It symbolizes the strength, nobleness and the modern courage of the Deinhard brand. In the new design, the Deinhard Lion or “King of Animals” defines our new more modern look and provides a strong and distinctive iconic asset – synonymous with Wines that Reign.