Cellar Museum


The Deinhard Cellar Museum

A fascinating journey through time elucidating the history of the Deinhard label awaits visitors to the winery’s rustic Cellar Museum. Down here, the hearts of sparkling and still wine lovers beat a little faster, because in addition to quenching their thirst for knowledge, the soul of the winery is palpable in every inch of its vaulted walls. Take an expert guided tour featuring original equipment, and learn how sparkling wine and wine were once produced in Koblenz and exported to the rest of the world. Tour date inquiries may be placed by phone or email. Written confirmation is provided for group reservations.

  • Standard Tour €8.00/person 1 hour, 1 glass sparkling wine

  • Classic Tour €12.00/person 1.5 hours, 3 glasses sparkling wine

  • Pearls of Europe tour €25.00/person 2 hours, 5 glasses: tasting of Sekt, Prosecco, Cava, Crémant and Champagne

Deinhard Public Relations
Deinhardplatz 3
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Phone: +49 (0)261 91 151-520
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email: info@deinhard.com